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Still the most epic promotion ever. 

Sadako 3D is coming, guys. 

oh god no

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Best Memes of 2011: Number 3 - The Most Interesting Man In The World

The Most Interesting Man in the World meme stems from a popular TV commercial for Dos Equis beer. All we’re going to say is, Chuck Norris, watch your back! 

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By David J Lowe

Inspired by Ranker

The Biggest Drawing in the World via GPS

Origin of Cool: Sweden

3 years ago, Swedish artist Erik Nordenenkar claimed to have created the “biggest drawing in the world” by sending plastic briefcase with GPS tracker inside around the world. The result was a self-portrait of the artist:

On closer inspection, it is evident that he faked the whole thing for the following reasons:

  • DHL does not deliver to arbitrary latitude-longitude destinations.
  • DHL is not likely to consider “trace a few looping lines through the Indian Ocean, without landing” as a valid delivery request, even with lat-long coordinates
  • You can’t get a GPS signal inside the aluminum skin of an airliner
  • No GPS system, even with supplemental batteries, would have lasted the 55 days the artist says his project took
  • Details on the setup’s “extended tracklog and battery time” are suspiciously absent.

All of this aside, Origin of Cool thinks this is a great idea and a very well executed viral. It not only got Erik a lot of attention but also his ‘partner’ DHL.

What are your thoughts on this Origin of Cool community?

By David J Lowe


Origin of Cool: Japan

The Coolest Video Game Packaging

The Legend of Zelda Controller by The Work of Data
Nintendo GameCube, 2005
Concept Development and Package Design for NubyTech - Nintendo.

(Source: curattor)

Cool London ad campaign gives you free ice-cream

Origin of Cool: England

We all know the British summer is an unpredictable beast. One minute, your shorts are on, the next minute, the umbrella is out! Just in case the sun does pop its head out again, Londoners can stay cool thanks to a new campaign by Orange.

Over the next week an ice-cream truck will be travelling around the Capital and giving people free ice-cream.

Head on over to The Feed and submit the first part of your postcode - e.g. NW5 - using the app. The more entries they get from your area, the better the chance that their ice cream van will be heading your way to keep you cool. The ice-cream van will be visiting London on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th August.

Make sure you you follow @OrangeTheFeed on twitter for updates and if you are tweeting, make sure you use the hashtag #keepmecool.

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