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Origin of Cool: UK

London, England - Editor David J Lowe visited the Occupy London site recently at St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Mister Brainwash Exhibition @ The Opera Gallery

Origin of Cool: England

You may remember Thierry Guetta, the star of Banksy’s Exit Through The Gift Shop (he was the guy with the video camera who filmed street art as it was coming to the fore then went on to become a street artist and overnight sensation). His alter ego and artist name is Mister Brainwash.

When I saw that he had an exhibition on in London at the Opera Gallery, I had to check it out. Here are some of the shots I took that blend styles from Warhol to Liechtenstein to Hopper. All have that rebellious, mischievous streak of Mister Brainwash that give the pieces that something extra.

A big thank you to the Opera Gallery and especially Yasmine Alsairafi for not only letting me take photos but for being so enthusiastic and really knowing her stuff!

Mister Brainwash site

BANKSY’s New Street Art Discovered In London

Origin of Cool: London, England

The street artist BANKSY has done it again in London. See below for photos of his new piece and a map of the location:

Seen any other BANKSY’s in London or around the world? We want to see them. Please email originofcool(at)gmail.com with any photos/maps and we’ll publish them and give you a credit.

PHOTOS: David J Lowe

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